Life Begins

Okay 40 it is, and so it begins.

First of all, it is just a saying because it is assumed at this age, you have gained enough experience, learned from the past, and (probably for some) financially stable.

So, what did I learned? I have listed some personal quotes, if I may say, to describe (??) things I have learned in the past, and will probably be learning as time goes

Every person is special and unique, so don’t be sad nor frustrated if you’re not like them.

It is normal to admire or adore other people, their looks, their actions, how other people “like” them. But let it be just an admiration, don’t be a trying hard to be them. Most of the time, trying to be NOT you, put you to a more embarrassing situation.

Not everything you wished for will be granted to you… exactly the way you wanted it.  You’ll be surprised its more than you bargain for

Many of us wish and pray of something (or even someone), but ending up to something (or someone) we didn’t expect.  Be thankful still, ever thought that something (or someone) is not really meant for you to begin with?

You may see them smiling and living life at its best, but looks can be deceiving… You’ll never know what lies behind those smiles – a long list of debts; a life-long loan payments.

It’s better living a life debt-free, trust me!

It may have seemed they are successful than you are, don’t be jealous. God has a different plan for you.

I’m not that of a religious person, but I do believe on this… You should too.

Ok you’re hurt, it sucks! you made a mistake, so? Cry. Cry harder if that will help you… then ACCEPT. It is only then you can move on.

You are a human, just like anyone else.  You get hurt, you make mistake, sometimes you even fail… all those pain is what will make you become strong, to be a better person.  It is better to experience and know the pain of losing, that way, you know when and how to get up and move on.


Life is What We Make It!

Life Begins @ 40

Experience and be Inspired


I have been writing blogs years back, but this one is different. I consider Diary of a Forty to be special since here I will be writing my OWN experiences, adventures, embarrassing moments (Yikes!), as I start my life at 40, and blogging is my first on the list. Yep! it’s official, I am now a legit 40-year old woman.

Diary of a Forty is about what Life begins at 40 do really means – to ordinary people, like me. The audience I intend to reach are not just those in their 40s, but for all ages! My objective here is basically to inspire, share, and teach – whether to be better than me or so as not to be like me.


Photo taken way back 2009 at SM Mall of Asia Sea Wall

I honestly do not know to where this will lead me, but blogging has always been what I wanted to do… that is why “Come What May…” is my motto.

Thank you for coming here, and hope to hear from you again in my upcoming blogs.