Life Begins @ 40

Experience and be Inspired



I have been writing blogs years back, but this one is different. I consider Diary of a Forty to be special since here I will be writing my OWN experiences, adventures, embarrassing moments (Yikes!), as I start my life at 40, and blogging is my first on the list. Yep! it’s official, I am now a legit 40-year old woman.

Diary of a Forty is about what Life begins at 40 do really means – to ordinary people, like me. The audience I intend to reach are not just those in their 40s, but for all ages! My objective here is basically to inspire, share, and teach – whether to be better than me or so as not to be like me.


Photo taken way back 2009 at SM Mall of Asia Sea Wall

I honestly do not know to where this will lead me, but blogging has always been what I wanted to do… that is why “Come What May…” is my motto.

Thank you for coming here, and hope to hear from you again in my upcoming blogs.